Caregiver Stories - Jessica & Daniel Chin

Jessica and her husband Dan first found out about the family's history with DM just weeks after their daughter Addison was born in July, 2012. During labor, Jessica developed cardiac problems, and both she and her daughter remained in the ICU afterward. Doctors knew there was something wrong initially, but like so many others, it took a great deal of testing to determine what the root cause was. After Jessica and Addison both received DM diagnoses, the entire family underwent genetic testing as well, and discovered that Jessica's brother, father, and aunt were also affected.

Today, Addison is a sweet little girl with incredible family support. Jessica stays at home to coordinate all of her care, and helps her with her daily therapy. "The support and love Addison receives every minute of every day has helped her grow into the intelligent, loving, strong little girl she is today," says Jessica's mother, Cecile. "We are all thankful for Addison and for what Jessica does for her."

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