DM Days 2019

MDF created the DM Day program to bring together clinicians, researchers and myotonic dystrophy (DM) family members to provide close-to-home access to educational sessions and provide networking and friendbuilding opportunities for our community. The one-day events offer opportunities for the community to meet local regional clinical staff, hear first-hand research updates and learn current symptom management strategies from knowledgeable professionals. MDF has hosted more than a dozen DM Days since launching the program in 2017, and many more are planned in Fall 2019 and beyond. 

DM Days Reach 5 US Cities in 2019

MDF hosted four record-setting DM Days in the first half of 2019. Learn more about these events and access presentations and resources presented at prior DM Days here.

Thanks to Our Partners

MDF has hosted 2019 DM Days at Virginia Commonwealth University, Houston Methodist University, the University of Florida and the University of Kansas, thanks to outstanding partnership and support from the clinicians and care professionals at these institutions - and we are really grateful.

Coming This Fall - Yale University

Don't miss our last DM Day of 2019, which will be held at Yale University on October 12th, 2019

Register for the MDF DM Day at Yale University.

Coming Soon to City Near You?

MDF is reviewing options for 2020 DM Day locations. Watch the Dispatch for program announcements.  Find more information about DM Days here.


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