New Findings on Quality of Life in DM2

There has been relatively little research on quality of life for DM2 patients, and DM2 is often considered “less severe” than DM1. However, a new study identified a subset of DM2 patients who are impacted as severely as those with DM1.

Dr. Dusanka Savic-Pavicevic and colleagues recently published a comparison of genetically confirmed DM2 and DM1 patients using a variety of quality of life measures.

The research team found no differences between DM2 and DM1 in the overall and physical composite scores of the survey.

Emotional and mental composite scores were typically better in DM2 patients, as were independence and body image scores. Disease impact on cognition, strength, heart function, breathing and cataracts were also less severe in DM2.

The DM2 patients who reported worse scores were typically older, weaker, and had higher fatigue levels than the DM2 patients who scored better on certain segments of the surveys. Lower quality of life scores were also associated with lower cognitive achievement, memory impairment and lower educational levels.

A deeper understanding of the correlation of age, strength, and fatigue with quality of life in DM2 is needed to facilitate better patient outcomes. More DM2 studies like this will pave the way for higher quality care.


Quality of life in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 2.
Rakocevic Stojanovic V, Peric S, Paunic T, Pesovic J, Vujnic M, Peric M, Nikolic A, Lavrnic D, Savic Pavicevic D.
J Neurol Sci. 2016 Jun 15. 

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