MDF Publishes Clinical Care Recommendations for Pulmonologists

12 leading DM1 pulmonologists in Western Europe, the UK, Canada, and the US joined together to create the Clinical Care Recommendations for Pulmonologists Treating Adults with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1.

MDF Publishes Clinical Care Recommendations for Cardiologists

10 leading DM1 cardiologists in Canada, Japan, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States joined MDF to create the Consensus-based Care Recommendations for Cardiologists Treating Adults with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1.

Lower Extremity Motor Control in DM1

New data helps understand deficits in lower extremity sensorimotor control in DM1.

Reversibility of Defective Myogenesis in a CDM Model

A new publication shows reversibility of cellular pathophysiology in a CDM cell line after CRISPR/Cas9-mediated repeat excision.

Metformin Use for Diabetes May Reduce Cancer Risk in DM1

Prescribing metformin for DM1-associated type 2 diabetes may reduce the elevated cancer risk associated with this patient group.

Patient Experiences with Cannabinoids in DM

A small pilot study reports experiences with use of a CBD/THC cocktail to mitigate symptoms in DM patients.

Understanding Falls in DM Patients

New prospective data provides insights into the incidence, circumstances, and consequences of falls in patients with DM1 and DM2.

Assay Development to Identify Small Molecule Drugs for DM1

A new assay for small molecules targeting expanded repeat expansions in DM1 is published.

Gait Impairment in DM1

Modeling muscle network deterioration as a means of understanding disturbances of gait in DM1.

Methods in Molecular Biology: DM Methodology

New protocols useful for research in DM are published in Springer’s Methods in Molecular Biology series.

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