Participate in a DM1 Interview Study

Your voice matters in bringing forth meaningful treatments for myotonic dystrophy. An important part of the drug development process is understanding what matters to you in potential treatment effects for new medicines.

Avidity Biosciences is conducting an interview study to gain perspectives and understand how myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) affects daily experiences.

The goal of this study is to develop an assessment that can accurately track the effects of DM1 on daily living throughout the course of a clinical trial of an investigational medicine. Your participation will help shape the clinical program for a new investigational medicine with hopes to bring benefit to the adult DM1 community.

We are hoping to enroll adults (age 18-65) in the US who have been genetically diagnosed with DM1 and who also experience some arm or leg myotonia with some walking difficulty.

To learn more about how you can participate in this interview study please click here to review the full details and call or email the LORA Group at 970-888-3569,

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