Community Favorite

"Hands" featuring Eric Hutchinson

Award-winning recording artist & Myotonic community member Eric Hutchinson released the song "Hands" on his new album "Modern Happiness" in partnership with Myotonic! Eric developed the song & video to share his family story & help raise awareness about DM & critically-needed funds for the Myotonic. Directed by Doug Thomsen and Adam Behrmann.

Living with DM: The Community Speaks

Myotonic community members speak about the impact that living with DM has on their lives.

The DM Check Up - Best Practices

Dr. Jacinda Sampson describes strategies for ensuring a successful visit to your medical professional.

DM & Anticipation, Part 1

Dr. Darren Monckton describes anticipation in myotonic dystrophy, the process by which the disease increases in severity as it is passed from generation to generation.

Pain and DM2

A father and son living with myotonic dystrophy type 2 describe the unique pain they experience with this disease.

Myotonic Dystrophy Resources


Learn about the different resources that have been created for the Myotonic Dystrophy community! This presentation provides an introduction to help familiarize you with the resources and support options available for families affected by myotonic dystrophy.

The resources discussed during this video can be found at:

Industry Updates and Q&A - 2019 Myotonic Annual Conference

Representatives from biotech and pharma companies will provide updates on their drug development efforts in the DM field, including companies new to the Myotonic Annual Conference. The industry updates are followed by the Q&A session where questions submitted throughout the conference are answered by a panel of DM Professionals.

Heart Health - 2019 Myotonic Annual Conference

Heart Health: Understanding DM Cardiac Symptoms with Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD

This session explains how myotonic dystrophy may impact your heart and provides an overview of the cardiac electrical system, common symptoms associated with conduction problems, and preventative measures.

Download the Heart Health Slide Deck.

DM and Genetics Your Questions Answered

Join Certified Genetic Counselor Tiffany Grider from the University of Iowa for an recorded webinar on genetic testing.

Dr. Moxley Retirement 2018

MDF created a short video to recognize and celebrate Moxley’s incredible commitment and impact on the treatment of myotonic dystrophy and scientific discovery to drive disease understanding and therapy development. “Mox” is in many ways irreplaceable, functioning as a singular force in the myotonic dystrophy field for over four decades.

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