Community Voices and Inspiration

"Hands" featuring Eric Hutchinson

Award-winning recording artist & Myotonic community member Eric Hutchinson released the song "Hands" on his new album "Modern Happiness" in partnership with Myotonic! Eric developed the song & video to share his family story & help raise awareness about DM & critically-needed funds for the Myotonic. Directed by Doug Thomsen and Adam Behrmann.

Living with DM: The Community Speaks

Myotonic community members speak about the impact that living with DM has on their lives.

Stories of Inspiration from the Myotonic Dystrophy Community - 2022 MDF Annual Conference

Presented on September 10, 2022.

A celebration of the DM community, including the 4th Annual Kayla Vittek Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Advocate presented by Lisa Harvey-Duren, as well as the celebration of the Above and Beyond Award and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients.

MDF is thrilled to congratulate and honor our three award winners for their uncontested commitment and service to the myotonic dystrophy community:

Hope & Inspiration: Myotonic Community Voices

Family members, caregivers and researchers describe their experiences living with myotonic dystrophy and research advances creating hope for the future.

Consensus-based Care Recommendations: What Do They Mean for You? (2018 MDF Annual Conference)

Myotonic is asking our community members to help educate their doctors about the care recommendations, and we'll show you how. Watch DM doctors and community members act out entertaining skits that will explain what to say to your doctors during your doctors visits. These skits will include a twist: affected community members will be the doctors and doctors are patients in these hilarious educational vignettes.

Living with DM: Patients Report on Changes Over Time (2018 MDF Annual Conference)

This interactive panel session was presented in a similar format to the Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting presented by MDF as a part of the 2016 MDF Annual Conference, and the CNS Endpoint Development discussion presented at the 2017 MDF Annual Conference.

Dr. Moxley Retirement 2018

MDF created a short video to recognize and celebrate Moxley’s incredible commitment and impact on the treatment of myotonic dystrophy and scientific discovery to drive disease understanding and therapy development. “Mox” is in many ways irreplaceable, functioning as a singular force in the myotonic dystrophy field for over four decades.

Jeremy and Erica Kelly Tribute Video

A special tribute to Jeremy and Erica Kelly of Myotonic.

DM Heroes

Watch "DM Heroes", a moving short film about a few heroes in the myotonic dystrophy community.

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